Monday, January 19, 2009


Today I am glad for a new week. It's Monday, but I'm doing OK. I've been eating pretty healthy, and finally took time to read the new Weight Watchers materials that I've had for weeks. I'm struggling to fit the new "momentum" program into my lifestyle. I exercised twice in the last 3 days, which is great for me!

Today I received a lengthy e-mail from my friend Robert, an old high school friend that I recently reconnected with after 20+ years of not being in touch. In it he detailed a lot of what has been going on with him and his kids and his ex-wife. It's not good. I'm upset thinking about it. His kids will be moving to Arizona at the end of the week. Maybe he will be able to have some sanity with the melodrama not being right there in his face everyday. I pray that will be the case. My heart aches when a friend is hurting. I've always been that way. It makes me depressed, and it is hard for me to focus on work.

Speaking of work, it is busy! It is a good distraction.

I had an MRI on my birthday, which was a few days ago. Tomorrow I meet with the doctor to hear her interpretation of what she sees. I hope she'll find something that is fixable!

I praise God for the good health, thinking skills, and gifts that I have been given. May I put them to good use.

Now I'm off to do taxes! .......

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