Sunday, March 29, 2009

A visit from an old friend

March 28, 2009

"Make new friends, but keep the old; One is Silver, the other, GOLD."

I recently reconnected with a friend from my high school days, Robert. I met him when I was 16 years old at a Lutheran Youth convention. We became pretty good friends back then, writing to each other regularly, and calling each other almost weekly. (no internet or e-mail existed back then!)
Speaking of the internet, that's how I found Robert! I searched for him on Facebook, and eventually narrowed down the people who had his first & last name and middle initial - - suprisingly, there are many people who share those things with him! Anyway, I found him last fall, I think sometime in November. We spent 3 hours on the phone catching up on each others' lives over the past 21 years, and then we have been communicating through e-mail every since.
Robert and his girlfriend, Ellen, took a vacation to the Seattle area this past weekend, and they came out to our home for dinner on Friday night. Then on Saturday my daughters & I enjoyed lunch at Ivar's with him and Ellen, and then toodled around downtown Seattle for a bit. This photo is from our lunch at Ivar's. I can't wait to see Robert's photos that he took at the "Utilikilts" store!

It was a lot of fun to reminisce with Robert about high school and college days, and after spending time with him, I miss him more than ever now. Shoot! Why does Boise have to be so far away?

My girls really enjoyed both Robert & Ellen. I'm glad that they got to meet him and learn a little more about their Mom's life from 'way back when'.

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