Friday, January 9, 2009

Drying out....gradually!

Well, we have had a wild few days of weather in the Pacific Northwest. The heavy snows of late December were melted by warmer weather and a few inches of rain, which caused flooding of many rivers in Western Washington, including the Snoqualmie River, which runs right through my housing development! Fortunately for us, the side of the river that I'm on has a much higher bank than the other side, so the flood waters did not get high enough to creep into our neighborhood. One big section of town, including a couple of retail centers, had to be closed off. Many of the schools in our area received flood damage, and so schools have been closed since Wednesday (it is now Friday). My kids have missed 5 days of school in the last month due to weather conditions! Everyone is very frustrated, yet sympathetic to the difficulties faced by many due to this situation.

My busy season has kicked in with full force. I have been helping some clients with their quarter-ends and year-ends, and I'm mostly done with 3 businesses so far in that regard. I probably have 2 or 3 more to go! Then Federal taxes preparation will be upon us! My birthday is next week, and my daughter Carmen's birthday is on the 26th, and often life seems too overwhelming to enjoy those events, but we will do what we can! At my age, I'm mostly just grateful to be here for another birthday! My brother Sparkey pointed out one time to me, "it's better than the alternative!". Very true. So, while I recognize that there are a few more wrinkles and I'm sagging in a few places that I didn't use to, I also recognize that each day and each year is a privilege. Many people who have passed on would love to be here, wrinkles, sags and all! So I welcome my 46th birthday next week.

Blest are we! PraiseGod.

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